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The past couple of months I have been out of town a lot and as such, the Crazy Loon has been running the Loony Bin. This past week we have had a blast with many of our visitors taking us up on our Didcha' Know Challenge as seen on our facebook page. As a result, music has filled the air of the winery from solos to duets and we are happy to announce we will continue through the end of the month with our saucy sirens get a souvenir tasting glass with any purchase.


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As we start to close on our second month of business, we say Thank You. As a new business on Anna Maria Island, we continue to develop so we can offer an experience and products you can not only enjoy, but talk about and come back for. (Oh no, ended a sentence with a preposition)

But we are only getting better and I believe we are, because of you our local guests and the vacationers. It has been a blast to meet and talk to so many people from all over these United States. Albeit, the vacationers from Michigan and Indiana told me to stop complaining about forty degree nights when the sand is less than 850 steps away. Yes, the forest for the trees I am told.

But I digress. At Loony Dunes we introduced White Gold Wine in Februa...

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As we are in an area where people travel a lot and most of our off season customers (residents from up north) are headed back home, here is a link that can be helpful. This article answers the question, "how do I get my wine home...on the plane?" Naturally, this is an option and you will read how to increase the odds of successful wine migration. However, though we are on an island with a marina or two, we do SHIP. Not literally, but via FedEx so your precious cargo ( your wine) arrivewwws complete and in one piece. But more importantly, your wine bottle arrives FULL. Everything is insured and quick, just have someone 21 ready to sign for it when it gets there.

Trust this helps, naturally we don't want you to leave. We enjoy seeing the l...

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Everyday at Loony Dunes our visitors are intrigued and surprised by our Florida Wines. As a result the Chief Loon has taken counsel and determined that it was time to share the questions that are asked and offer insight to our products and the service we offer. And so it is that we announce A New Phase to the growth of Loony Dunes as we share Loony Lingo. The questions, the facts, the locutions, the insights and possibly even the made up stuff we know and hear about our products and then some. We hope you enjoy and share your feedback via our review options on google or facebook or yelp.

Thank you to all our loons

From the Wine Bottle of my heart,

Brian B

Chief Loon



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